Monday, April 29, 2013

Introduction to My Story

God is simply amazing! Little did I know that the messages God was given me to write in my blog would be my own story. God was preparing me ahead of time. I had dreams about Bill (my ex-husband) leaving me and resigning youth ministry about a year and a half before it happened. I realized that at the time what I thought were bad dreams was God preparing me. As I read over some of my older posts from 2008-2009, I was simply amazed at what God had given me. God gave me "A Story To Tell" one night while I was at a prayer meeting at church and when I got home, I started writing. I now know that over a period of time, God began to lay messages on my heart and I started writing them down and then began a blog. I am blessed much more than I deserve to be. God has healed my heart. I forgave my husband and now I pray for him to return to the Lord. I am going to keep praying for him. I don't know what my future holds but God does and He is in control. I do know that I am going to keep the faith and press on. God is faithful and He has restored my joy over the last year. I very thankful to the Lord for everything in my life!
When you experience storms there is a reason behind every storm, each storm teaches us to grow in our faith. We can choose to turn away from the Lord or grow closer in our walk with the Lord. I chose to grow closer in my walk with the Lord. I am simply amazed at how God has turned my life around. I still face struggles in my life. I am learning to rely on God for He is in control. He knows all things and He will meet my needs and it will be in His perfect timing. He knows the desires of my heart as well. I do believe that God has an even greater purpose for my life. God has healed my heart and for that I am truly thankful. I love my church family and friends, God truly blessed me with some incredibly friends!!! I am truly blessed!!! I hope you take time to read some of my blog posts. These are old posts which lead to my story. I am in the process of putting it all together for a book, my story, my testimony. God uses each in a special way, we just have to get out of our comfort zone and take that giant leap of faith. It is amazing what you will discover when speaking to others. Each of us has a story, we just have to be willing to share it with others and use our story to help others. We all have a ministry and a purpose, allow God to use you. I pray that I can reach others through my story and my testimony. My life is not perfect nor is anyone else's. We all have struggles, it is what we keep our focus on that will help us through it all in the end. I am gong to keep my focus on the Lord and allow Him to use me as He see fits. I pray that He helps me to be a willing vessel each day. I am choosing to focus on Christ and not the circumstances that surround me. God is in control and He has it all figured out. I just have to trust Him and rely on Him completely. Thanking God for everything in my life. The storms in my life are blessings in disguise and thankful for the storms for they have brought me into a much closer relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that these articles help you and inspire you in someway to share your story as well. God Bless You!!!

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  1. Cindy, i can totally relate. Seems like you read my mind.